The Nightmares Film Festival screenplay contest, overseen by a Script Pipeline grand champion and 2017 Screenwriter of the Year, recognizes the world’s top horror feature and short screenplays and offers their writers the opportunity to connect to the #BetterHorror community of producers and directors at the festival.







Nightmares Film Festival 17

Screenplay Contest Feature Finalists


Another Harpersville Massacre,

    by Jeremy Herbert & Wolf Stahl

Silhouette, by Lukas Hassel

The Knife Association, by Ron Riekki

The Baroness, by Ryan Andrews

Cold Dead Hands, by Lynne Hansen

The Thin Place, by Joe Hemphill

Red Velvet, by Tom Radovich

Knucklemen, by Dave Wade

The Knot, by Edward Martin

Bathory, by Tim Hoare

Visitation Rites, by Ben Botwick

Tracker, by Sarah Mahan

Valley of Blood, by Jim Christopher

Let's Go Spy, by Daniel Coughlin

College Beach Party Massacre 4, by Greg Sisco

Nightmares Film Festival 17

Screenplay Contest Short Finalists


The Wood, by B Maddox

m(OTHER), by Derek Stewart

Silence is Golden, by Thomas Robotham

Means to an End, by Tonya Wheeler

Stay, by Mark Dollard

Friday the 14th, by Garin Pirnia

Medicine Show Blues, by Jeffrey Howe

Red Bud, by Kay Phillips (Poiro)

FAT, by Tom Bragg

Far From Paradise, by Brian Smith

Walter's Days, by Nathan Ludwig

Sorcerer, by Mike Meade

He's Got Your Nose, by Ron Riekke








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October 19-22, 2016


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