2017 film selections

Nightmares Film Festival sets itself apart from other genre fests by its deep year-round connection to the horror filmmaking community, which gives it the first line on the rarest, scariest, most daring and most unsettling films being created around the country.
Hatchet 3 w/Adam Green Leatherface Capture, Kill, Release Bong of Living Dead 3 Dead Trick or Treaters Ruin Me Unnuyayuk Found Footage 3D
Two Pigeons Midnighters She Was So Pretty 2 Scars of Xavier Rock, Paper, Dead Hostile
Terror of Frankenstein Romeo’s Distress White Doomsday Flesh of the Void Torment Le Accelerator Samurai Rauni
Primordial Blood Ride Don’t Fuck in the Woods
When Susurrus Stirs Tethered Polaroid Teddy Bears Picnic No Wave Compulsion The Devil’s Due Justice Served To My Mother and Father The Dollmaker Chlorine Vanita Moonshot Demonoid 1971 Snatched: The Rebirth Bride of Frankie
The Wood, B Maddox m(OTHER), Derek Stewart Silence is Golden, Thomas Robotham Means to an End, Tonya Wheeler Stay, Mark Dollard Friday the 14th, Garin Pirnia Medicine Show Blues, Jeffrey Howe Red Bu, Tom Bragg Far From Paradise, Brian Smith Walter’s Days, Nathan Ludwig Sorcerer, Mike Meade He’s Got Your Nose, Ron Riekke
Another Harpersville Massacre, Jeremy Herbert Silhouette, Lukas Hassel The Knife Association, Ron Riekki The Baroness, Ryan Andrews Cold Dead Hands, Lynne Hansen The Thin Place, Alex Mattingly Red Velvet, Tom Radovich Knucklemen, Dave Wade The Knot, Edward Martin Bathory, Tim Hoare Visitation Rites, Ben Botwick Tracker, Sarah Mahan Valley of Blood, Jim Christopher Let’s Go Spy, Daniel Coughlin College Beach Party Massacre 4, Greg Sisco
Elly Code 207 Silent Ring Bucket Tales from the Blood Fairies Mother’s Milk
The Childish Thing Dark of the Night Down the Stairs The Priest The Creature of Stark Hills
Nuts I Love You So Much It’s Killing THem What’s For Dinner? Meow Girl #2 Lunch Ladies Holiday Fear Dickeaters We Summoned a Demon The Naughty List Blood Shed
Prepare to Die Drip Husk Admonition For a Good Time, Call The Jitterman Eldritch Code Dawn of the Deaf Spotlight
Postal Meat Slapface Fish Hada Nibble Vexed Your Date Is Here Undress Me Daughters of Virtue
Night In Haematophilia Pigskin Sorry, We’re Closed Creeper Late Tales Secretions Creswick Sol
Used Body Parts Night Runners aMorfe Thump Cry It Out House for Sale Nasty Robin Goodfellow Agatha Draw Banshee
Alice and David The Sound of Fear The Corner The Night Shift I Baked Him a Cake Monster Too Fast, Paris Hush
Pickup Ex Jax In Love Unfriendlies Here + After The Fainting Room The Son, The Father The Dark Hunger
The Other Side of Morning The Devil’s Gun Love at First Sight The Creep La Sirena Suffer High & Tight Caravan
Machine Baby The Sunken Convent I Want Candy Undercover Mistress Balcony Prisma Do Not Lose The Cure A Sweet Man
Fun Brown Evil I Like It Better When You Do It Elegy Third Wheel A.R.G. The Room Deep Thing Savor Cycle of the Blessed Doll
Cry Wolf Solved Pizza Face Inn Van Hatred Getting Ready for a Lunch Date The Pretender The Goatman of Kananaskis



Director: Adam Ford

Best overall feature

Flesh of the Void

Best horror feature

3 Dead Trick or Treaters

Capture, Kill, Release

Found Footage 3D

Winner: Ruin Me


Best thriller feature


Rock, Paper, Dead

Winner: Scars of Xavier

She Was So Pretty 2

2 Pigeons

Best midnight feature

Flesh of the Void

Winner: Le Accelerator

House Shark


I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday

Best director feature

Winner: Bong of the Living Dead – Max Groah

Capture, Kill, Release – Nick McAnulty

Unnuyayuk – Kirby Light

Flesh of the Void – James Quinn

Ruin Me – Preston DeFrancis

Torment – Adam Ford

Best Ohio feature

Bong of the Living Dead


Winner: Blood Ride

Don’t Fuck in the Woods

Best actor feature

Bong of Living Dead – Dan Kiely

Le Accelerator – David Sakurai

Winner: Kirby Light – Unnuyayuk

House Shark – Jonathan Straiton

Torment – Rikky Fiore

Best actress feature

Winner: I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday – Hope Bikle

Hostile – Brittany Ashworth

Blood Ride – Pollyanna McIntosh

Capture, Kill, Release – Jennifer Fraser

Primordial – Marylee Osborne

Best feature screenplay

Winner: Tracker – Sarah Mahan

First Runner-up: Silhouette – Lukas Hassel

Second Runner-up: Knife Association – Ron Riekki

Best cinematography short


Teddy Bears Picnic

I Like It Better When You Do It




Used Body Parts

Winner: The Cure

Best horror-comedy feature

Bong of the Living Dead

Winner: House Shark

Two Pigeons

Best cinematography feature

Scars of Xavier

Flesh of the Void

Le Accelerator

Winner: She Was So Pretty 2: Be Good For Goodness Sake

Found Footage 3D

Best screenplay short

I Baked Him a Cake

Winner: Nasty Robin Goodfellow

The Son, The Father

The Fainting Room

The Dollmaker

Brown Evil


Best actor short

Cry It Out – Timmy Barron

Vexed – Baker Chase Powell

Tethered – Jared Cook

Hush – Luke Bedsole

Winner: The Son, The Father – Lukas Hassel

Creeper – Harry Piaggio

Compulsion – Andrew Roy Drury

Best actress short

Winner: Jax In Love – Rakefet Abergel

Haematophilia – Lara Dudek

Getting Ready for a Lunch Date – Jessica Pontes

Hush – Rachel Barker

Cry Wolf – Amber Goldfarb

The Sound of Fear – Sandra Mae Frank

Pickup – Mandy Evans

Best Ohio short

Winner: Bride of Frankie

The Childish Thing

Mother’s Milk

The Creature of Stark Hills

The Dark of the Night

Tales from the Blood Fairies

Best overall short

Winner: Creswick

Best horror short



Winner: The Daughters of Virtue







Best thriller short

Alice and David

High & Tight

Winner: Too Fast, Paris

The Devil’s Gun


The Devil’s Due

Night Runners

Best midnight short

Deep Thing

Winner: Doll

Machine Baby

I Want Candy

The Cure

The Sunken Convent


Best director short

A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky – Quarxx

La Sirena – Rosita Lama Muvdi

Creswick – Natalie Erika James

Winner: The Sunken Convent – Michael Panduro

The Daughters of Virtue – Michael Escobedo

Cry Wolf – Gabriel Allard

Caravan – Nathan Lacey

Best cinematography short


Teddy Bears Picnic

I Like It Better When You Do It




Used Body Parts

Winner: The Cure

Best horror comedy short

Blood Shed

Girl #2

Winner: Lunch Ladies

We Summoned a Demon


What’s for Dinner?

The Naughty List

Best short screenplay

Winner: Red Bud – Kay Phillips

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